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My wife and I had a great night out last night with some of the most influential and successful women in Jacksonville at Manifesting Over Mimosa Extravaganza. I was truly inspired by the passion and willingness of those at the event wanting to lift everyone around them to success in life and business. Thank you Tiavsfancycash for the tremendously successful event, and thanks to your volunteers, guest, and staff. 


Manifesting Over Mimosa attendee, 2021

If you missed Manifesting Over Mimosas you missed out. It was a very well organized event that covered various topics from budgeting, to home ownership, to mental health, to branding and relationship building. All entrepreneurs need to be at the next event.


Manifesting Over Mimosa attendee, 2019

Manifesting Over Mimosas was a great event! It was well organized, I was able to network with new people, and all the guest speakers actually gave great advice!

I look forward to the next event ❤️


Manifesting Over Mimosa attendee, 2019

Manifest over Mimosa was an amazing event, with it being my first networking event I was anxious and excited. M.O.M had amazing energy and full of laughter. All the speakers gave amazing, humbling, informative advice for up and coming entrepreneurs. Very knowledgeable on the information they were presenting. Furthermore it there was amazing life tips manifested in the air. Tia and her panel was not only trying to help businesses grow but people also. I took home many tips from this event and since I have made my 2020 Manifesting List, Revised Life Standards For Myself and Wrote My Upcoming Goals Out . Great Event Tia I’m excited for MOM 2020 🥰✨🥂


Manifesting Over Mimosa attendee, 2019

Manifesting Over Mimosas was everything. Kudos to Tia and her team for such a thoughtful event that was created to help empower others to live their best lives. It was just the balance of education and fun that I enjoy plus VIP had Rosé and I love Rosé. It was cool popping bottles with folks that were all there to learn and grown from each other. The food, mall (vendor space), drinks and teaching from the panelist were all top notch.


Manifesting Over Mimosa attendee, 2019

Manifesting Over Mimosas was my first networking event outside of my work field. Also my first networking event where everyone looked like me. We were all there to build or help better each other with our own brands. Tia really outdid herself and everyone there in some way motivated or led me into the direction for my next move. I’m looking forward to whatever she has planned next.


Manifesting Over Mimosa attendee, 2019

Manifesting over mimosas was one of the best events I’ve ever been to. It was full of very motivating and transparent people. Tia did a great job at hosting, bringing her personality to life, and pushing every one pass their comfort zone. It was nice being in the room full of so many young entrepreneurs and inspiring entrepreneurs all while having UNLIMITED mimosas and great food. I can’t wait for the next one!


Manifesting Over Mimosa attendee, 2019

Manifesting over Mimosas was one of the first “networking” events I went to and when I say it lit fire under my belt that’s an understatement. The testimonials were real life. There were realtors, credit specialists, lawyers, estheticians and mental health coaches in the building and the best part about it is they were all brown skinned girls/boys. WIN! I can’t wait to see what Tia has next because I know it’s only up from here.❤️


Manifesting Over Mimosa attendee, 2019

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